The technology, approved by Health Canada, is specifically designed for patients with tight aortic arches that are traditionally difficult to seal.

TX2 with Pro-Form utilizes an improved delivery system that allows physicians to achieve unrivaled proximal conformity and apposition of the device to the aortic wall, virtually eliminating the ‘bird’s beak’ gap.

Many earlier endografts were too rigid or possessed sealing stents that lacked the radial force to conform correctly to the inner curvature of tight aortic arches, preventing the graft from properly sealing off the aneurysm. TX2 with Pro-Form may mitigate the need for such additional measures.

With TEVAR, a minimally invasive alternative to traditional open surgery, an endograft is guided into the body by a catheter to seal off the aneurysm from within. Patients undergoing TEVAR typically experience shorter recovery times and less patient discomfort, and are also at a lower risk of the comorbidities associated with open surgical repair, said the company.

The Zenith TX2 device is inserted through a small incision in the groin to access the patient’s femoral artery and is guided into position through the patient’s arteries under fluoroscopy. The fabric-covered, self-expanding stent-graft is then deployed in the weakened section of the thoracic aorta to relieve pressure on the aneurysm to reduce the risk of rupture.