CoagCo is a Cleveland-based medical device company developing and commercializing products for blood loss control


CoagCo agrees with North American Rescue to distribute its Nosebleed Device. (Credit: Mojpe from Pixabay.)

CoagCo LLC, a Cleveland-based medical device company, announced today that it has entered into a national distribution agreement with North American Rescue LLC, a manufacturer and supplier of life-saving medical and rescue solutions for the military, federal agencies, law enforcement, and first responders.

NAR will distribute CoagCo’s proprietary nosebleed device, Coag it NP7®, a nasal packing device designed for painless insertion by secondary providers for nosebleeds in a trauma setting. It utilizes an anatomically designed polyvinyl alcohol sponge device (PVA) attached to a handle for a quick, one-handed insertion that stops nosebleeds and speeds patient trauma assessment. CoagCo LLC was chosen as an Innovation Fund Award winner in 2013, Northeast Ohio’s most active and successful early-stage fund.

“We are excited to partner with North American Rescue to offer a simple, safe and effective, nosebleed device for men and women in uniform and the federal agencies and facilities that support them,” said Susan M. Palmer, Chief Commercial Officer at CoagCo LLC.

“North American Rescue has a long history of providing innovative solutions in bleeding control. We are pleased to be offering this unique product for epistaxis control and believe that it will be an excellent addition to the lineup of our bleeding control solutions. Patient care is always our priority, and this innovative device ensures efficacy, ease of use, and patient comfort.” – Matt Cupelli, Director of Product Management North American Rescue, LLC

Advantages of the Coag it NP7 device include ease of use by medics, EMT’s, and other first responders, faster and improved patient comfort compared to standard nasal packing, and the ability to immediately treat the nosebleed and continue airway assessment and management.

Source: Company Press Release