Based on the firm’s HiSeq X10 NGS platform and patent-pending circulating biomarker technology, the test will allow to detect genetic alterations by using circulating extracellular nucleic acids.

The company will provide the new test for the Chinese community under Genomics Wellness and Longevity initiative.

CloudHealth has presented the data for the new assay at the 9th Annual Biotech Showcase in San Francisco of California, US.

CloudHealth Genomics CEO Jason Gang Jin and CTO Winston Patrick Kuo have presented the new assay’s data of both genomic and circulating biomarkers in blood of healthy individuals.

According to the firm, the data showed the clinical use of establishing a baseline for individuals along with mitochondrial aberration tracking.

Jason Gang Jin said: "We are entering a more self-conscious and aging society, where more people are well-educated and are likely to know more about themselves and monitor their health during their lifetime.

“Non-invasive precision monitoring and personalized health management is the key to a healthier society and an improved quality of life.”

Based in Shanghai, CloudHealth Genomics provides genomics-based precision medicine and scientific wellness solutions to the customers.

Image: CloudHealth Genomics’ new NGS-based based liquid biopsy test will establish a genomic baseline for healthy individuals. Photo: courtesy of Suwit Ritjaroon /