Clarius PA HD ultrasound scanner is now provided with new Clarius Ultrasound App 7.3.0 to facilitate high-resolution cardiac imaging


High-definition handheld ultrasound scanner for rapid bedside cardiac exams. (Credit: PRNewswire / Clarius Mobile Health)

Medical imaging devices provider Clarius Mobile Health has introduced a new high-definition handheld ultrasound scanner to conduct rapid bedside cardiac exams.

The company is now offering the Clarius PA HD with the new Clarius Ultrasound App 7.3.0 to facilitate high-resolution cardiac imaging.

Clarius PA HD is claimed to be the only wireless handheld scanner that offers clear cardiac ultrasound imaging and fast frame rates comparable to traditional hospital ultrasound systems due to an advanced 8 beamformer processing.

Clarius PA HD, which is designed for cardiac and lung imaging, allows physicians to access the power of high-definition imaging using advanced most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The handheld ultrasound scanner can also be used for fast exams, superficial and transcranial imaging, in addition to cardiac and lung imaging.

The new Clarius PA HD is currently marketed in the US, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Korea. The company is also planning to launch the new scanner in other countries.

Clarius Mobile Health CEO Laurent Pelissier said: “Since the start of the pandemic, more physicians than ever are using handheld scanners for cardiac and lung exams because they are simple to carry from one isolated room to another. Our wireless scanners have the added advantage that they are easy to disinfect.

“Our goal is to equip cardiac specialists with a handheld system that will serve them well during the pandemic and beyond by providing outstanding image quality in a compact form without wires.”

In September this year, Clarius Mobile Health announced the launch of world’s first ultra-high frequency handheld ultrasound scanner.

Clarius offers handheld wireless ultrasound scanners that connect to iOS and Android devices to deliver high-resolution ultrasound images, which are generally available with bulkier and high-end systems. The company markets its scanners in more than 50 countries across the globe.