CDI’s Indy West center offers high-field (1.5T), wide-open MRI and digital x-ray, in addition to image-guided interventional procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of joint and back pain.

CDI Operations vice president Laura Stark said that they have long seen a need for high-quality, cost-effective medical imaging services in their western Indianapolis communities as patient convenience plays a large role in the decision on where to go for healthcare services.

“While we considered this expansion, we knew we wanted to do so without duplicating medical imaging services unnecessarily. For this reason, the time was also right to close our downtown MRI facility formerly on Capitol Avenue,” Stark said.

CDI body radiologist and medical director Thomas Vahey said that their ongoing commitment to invest in quality imaging technology is evident in their new center and the Espree MRI offers the best of two worlds.

“It’s a high-field strength scanner which provides extremely detailed images for more accurate diagnoses, and it has a much larger bore, or opening, which helps ease claustrophobic or larger patients through the MRI experience,” Vahey said.