As per the agreement held between the Medtronic and two companies on 7 July 2011 the total value of the transaction for Peak Surgical is $120m and Salient Surgical is $525m.

But as Medtronic had previously invested in Peak Surgical and Salient, it holds an ownership stake in the companies.

Hence, the transaction value comes to approximately $105m for Peak Surgical and $480m for Salient Surgical.

Peak Surgical develops Peak PlasmaBlade, a new tissue dissection device used in radiofrequency surgical technologies used in ear, nose and throat (ENT), plastic reconstructive, orthopaedic and general surgical applications.

Salient Surgical Technologies’ Aquamantys system with patented Transcollation technology provides hemostatic sealing of soft tissue and bone tissue at the surgical site.

The technology is used to optimize care for patients undergoing a surgical procedures like orthopaedic surgery, spine, open abdominal and thoracic procedures.