NatrixLab, an Italian-based analysis laboratory, has entered into a collaboration agreement with MediPurpose.

NatrixLab will include MediPurpose’ SurgiLance safety lancets in its capillary blood test kits as capillary fingerstick solution.

NatrixLab is specialized in bloodstream testing and analysis of nutritional anomalies, if not treated can lead to cellular degeneration and disease within the human body.

Currently, NatrixLab provides tests that measure food intolerance, cellular aging and lipid profiles, among others.

NatrixLab GM Mario Brevini said both quality and cost effectiveness were critical factors in his choice to integrate SurgiLance safety lancets.

"The SurgiLance safety lancet is easy to use and safe," Brevini added.

SurgiLance is currently present in six models, ranging from 18-26 gauges and 1.0-2.3 mm penetration depths.