“CrossFix is a leap forward for all-inside meniscal repair devices,” said Louis Rizio, M.D., of Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Livingston, New Jersey, one of the first surgeons in the country to utilize the CrossFix system. “CrossFix replicates the inside-out suture repair well and minimizes time and morbidity associated with inside-out repairs. The sophistication of this device is in its simplicity!”

The CrossFix system is an easy to use system that creates a 3mm mattress stitch for a strong, fast and reliable all-inside meniscal repair. The dual needle design deploys a vertical or horizontal mattress instantly with a pre-tied sliding knot through a single insertion into the meniscus. The device comprises of depth limiter and incorporated cannula that controls needle penetration thus reducing the risk of neurovascular injury. The repair is biomechanically strong with pull-out forces equal to open suture techniques. The system is designed to offer surgeons reliable and reproducible patient outcomes.

After using the CrossFix system clinically, Kenneth D. Montgomery, MD, of Tri-County Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine in Morristown, New Jersey, reported that, “By inserting both needles at the same time, there is never a problem with suture management, making the repair process as simple as pulling a trigger.”

“We are extremely pleased with the warm reception we received from surgeons at the AOSSM meeting,” said James W. Hart, President and CEO of Cayenne Medical. “With our existing AperFix technology, Cayenne has already made inroads toward a new standard of care for ACL fixation. With CrossFix, we are responding to an unmet need in the meniscal repair market.”