A union of strength in design and innovative manufacturing technology, Truliant Porous is a non-cemented implant system that is designed for reproducibility and efficiency in total knee arthroplasty.

Kyle Swanson, M.D., of Hutchinson Area Health Care in Mankato, Minn., and James Duke, M.D., of Ocala Health in Ocala, Fla., performed the first cases using Truliant Porous.

“Exactech is entering the market with an intentional non-cemented platform that has benefited from collective industry knowledge and surgeon input,” Duke said. “Truliant Porous provides a durable bonding surface for long-term interface strength, offering solid fixation for my patients. Fully integrated with the sleek, new Truliant instrumentation, Exactech is delivering another knee product that is ready to succeed.”

Truliant Porous is designed to reduce micromotion and aid potential bony in-growth. The system features a unique 3D additive manufacturing tibial design developed to mimic the trabecular nature of cancellous bone with optimal pore size and porosity characteristics.

In addition, Truliant Porous includes a combination of porous pegs and a channeled keel with flutes that are designed to increase bony-implant engagement and micromotion resistance, and the integrated bone screw fixation options allow for intra-operative stability.

According to Swanson, “The tibial preparation is very straightforward with the Truliant instrumentation. I was able to feel the stability from the combination of the tray’s porous structure and design features immediately during implant impaction.”

“The new porous options are fully integrated with the Truliant Total Knee System, which allows for a seamless transition and eliminates any required workflow or instrument changes,” said Joseph Pizzurro, Exactech Vice President of Knee Marketing. “This launch should be welcomed news for orthopaedic surgeons who prefer a non-cemented approach for total knee arthroplasty.”

Source: Company Press Release