Since its introduction in 2006 Boston Scientific has enrolled more than 130,000 patients on the LATITUDE system. The LATITUDE system enables physicians to schedule remote follow-ups of implantable cardiac device patients so as to monitor specific device information and heart health status. It can also detect clinical events between scheduled visits and send data directly to physicians. The regular, in-home monitoring offers peace and convenience of mind for patients. Findings presented include: Five-year survival rates for CRT-D patients of up to 78 percent and Five-year survival rates for ICD patients of up to 92 percent.

In contrast to clinical trials, the ALTITUDE program analyzes device therapy in real-world practice and offers insights into clinical event rates and disease progression for extensive ICD and CRT-D patient populations, said Dr. Saxon. This observational cohort study represents the largest cardiac device patient cohort to date and clearly shows survival rates exceed those reported in randomized trials.

Boston Scientific is known for excellence in its clinical trials, such as MADIT, MADIT II, COMPANION and MADIT-CRT, said Fred Colen, President, Boston Scientific Cardiac Rhythm Management. We’re also proud of our significant investment in physician research through post-market analysis. The ALTITUDE Clinical Science program serves physicians by enhancing their understanding of device therapy, outcomes and disease progression in real-world device patients monitored by LATITUDE.