Caretaker wireless patient monitor offers touchless, clinically distanced, continuous blood pressure and ICU quality vital signs


Caretaker Wireless Patient Monitor. (Credit: Caretaker Medical.)

US-based medical device maker Caretaker Medical has secured the Health Canada approval to import and sell its wireless patient monitors, under the Covid-19 Medical Device Authorisation.

Under the approval, Caretaker is authorised to begin the sale of its product across Canada to enable clinicians to safely monitor quarantine patients in remote setting and reduce burden on clinical resources.

Caretaker Medical president and CEO Jeff Pompeo said: “Together with our distribution partner, MedTach, we are excited to bring Caretaker into the Canadian clinical market, to address the need for continuous, ICU-quality wireless patient monitoring remotely while maximizing safety of both patient and clinician.”

Caretaker patient monitor uses patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology

Caretaker Medical is a wireless medical device firm engaged in developing advanced wireless patient monitoring solutions.

The Caretaker patient monitor uses low-pressure finger sensor and patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology to non-invasively measure continuous, uninterrupted blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, SpO2, and other vital signs.

The wearable patient monitoring solution enables uninterrupted wire-less and electrode-free real-time vital signs monitoring, said the company.

The Caretaker patient monitor displays its continuous monitoring measurements on the Caretaker Tablet App and other Remote Data Displays.

The wireless monitoring device leverages CNIBP technology to help clinicians remotely view ICU-Quality data while safely distanced from contagious patients, said the company.

The Caretaker CNIBP technology provides ICU Quality continuous measurements without intrusive arterial catheters or cumbersome wires, helping clinicians to recognise the worsening of hemodynamic trends earlier.

Furthermore, Caretaker wireless vital signs and continuous Beat-by-Beat remote monitoring platform is FDA approved, CE-Mark certified and is commercialised by the company and its network of global distributors.

In September, Caretaker announced a partnership with CliniFusion, a cloud-based EMR software provider specialising in Ketamine Infusions and Wellness Centers.