After an extensive review, Linde selected Care Innovations and the company’s remote patient management (RPM) solution, Health Harmony, to extend its current remote management services across its global footprint to patients suffering from respiratory diseases, related comorbidities, and other chronic conditions.

Health Harmony simplifies remote management by providing intuitive and easy-to-use technology enabling individuals, clinicians, care providers, and family caregivers to collaborate for better care in the home – wherever home may be – and within normal daily routines.

“At Linde Healthcare, we are focused on improving the quality of life for those struggling with chronic conditions. Care Innovations’ technology is going to help us to establish new and innovative services for patients at home,” said Urmi Prasad Richardson, Head of Linde Healthcare.

“We made the decision to move forward with Care Innovations based upon their ability to design and implement results-driven RPM programs that better engage patients and caregivers, and improve outcomes in the home at lower cost. This partnership enables Linde Healthcare to provide significantly better care delivery to our patients and integrate the most innovative remote monitoring technologies with our global expertise in homecare.”

Care Innovations and Linde Healthcare will collaborate to build a global RPM ecosystem based on Care Innovations’ technology infrastructure and Linde’s homecare services for thousands of patients.

It will be deployed into several territories including the Americas, Western Europe and APAC representing significant expansion for RPM across both organizations. The goal is to provide innovative therapies to bridge the gap between care delivered in the clinical setting and home and to better manage patients in need at home.

“Through this partnership with Linde Healthcare, we have a tremendous opportunity to expand RPM globally to thousands of patients and transform care for those living with respiratory diseases and beyond,” said Randy Swanson, Chief Executive Officer at Care Innovations.

The partnership will initially focus on helping individuals suffering from respiratory conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Studies show that patients with COPD, among other chronic conditions, that utilize RPM have experienced a 54 percent decrease acute hospital readmissions1 in addition to generating cost savings2.

The partnership will tailor a combination of homecare, patient management and logistic services, clinical program development, and hardware and software to engage patients in the management of their own health.

Deployment will vary by country, and each program will be tailored to better meet the specific needs of populations across countries or regions. This partnership will enable Care Innovations and Linde Healthcare to deeply integrate technology and business processes for the betterment of both organizations.