The Cardiogram app provides advanced insights based on data from wearable devices, helping users better understand how activity and sleep affect their overall health. Partnering with the Department of Cardiology at the University of California, San Francisco, Cardiogram has combined data from optical heart rate sensors and DeepHeart, an artificial intelligence-based algorithm developed by Cardiogram, to detect major health conditions.

Through multiple studies, DeepHeart has so far demonstrated the ability to detect four medical conditions – atrial fibrillation, sleep apnea, hypertension, and diabetes – with results validated by the medical community and published in journals such as JAMA Cardiology.

Cardiogram co-founder Johnson Hsieh said: “Many users have asked Cardiogram to support Garmin wearables. By directly integrating through the Garmin Health API, Cardiogram has access to the wide array of advanced metrics these devices generate. Garmin devices are great because they give us high-resolution, accurate data and the higher resolution, the more accurate DeepHeart can become.”

Garmin Health global product lead Travis Johnson said: “Garmin Health is excited to work with an innovative company like Cardiogram on this ground-breaking research that aligns with our apnea and AFib studies already underway. Garmin is committed to the development of wearables that can lead to the detection of serious health conditions.

“Combining the high-quality sensor data of Garmin devices with the powerful capabilities of Cardiogram DeepHeart will provide our customers with meaningful health insights that can improve their everyday life and opportunities to reduce their health care costs.”

Starting today, owners of Garmin devices featuring optical heart rate may download Cardiogram from the App Store and Google Play store. They may also opt-in to participate in the Cardiogram mRhythm research study with UCSF Cardiology.

Johnson Hsieh said: “In the long term, we think wearables will save lives. People love to engage with their heart rate data day-to-day. The average user opens Cardiogram three times per day. Your heart rate changes from minute-to-minute, and it reflects everything that happens in your life.”

The ever-expanding Garmin fitness segment develops technologies to enhance and promote healthy and active lifestyles. Garmin Health provides enterprise solutions that leverage Garmin wearables and the high-quality sensor data they produce for use in the corporate wellness, population health and patient monitoring markets.

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