The new collagen devices, which can also be suitable for dental industry, have been developed for soft tissue indications.

Both products are specifically designed to manage oral wounds and sores, including dental sores, oral ulcers, periodontal surgical wounds, suture sites, burns, extraction sites, surgical and traumatic wounds.

NovaBone Products president Art Wotiz said: "These new products illustrate that we are actively engaged in developing collagen products.

"We will continue to pursue additional collagen devices using our regenerative medicine technology and core competencies in designing bioactive medical devices that meet the demands of surgeons."

The company also recently received FDA 501(k) approval for collagen graft devices NovaBone Graft Strip and MacroFORM.

Currently, the firm offers seven devices for the field of orthopaedics and six for dental indications.

Image: NovaPlug wound dressing. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.