Merck said that it will test magentic beads coated with CardioGenics’ silver-coating and polymer encapsulation processes while refining encapsulation of the beads, to commercialize the encapsulated beads when Merck Chimie is finalizing its owns proprietary encapsulation of the CardioGenics beads.

CardioGenics has signed two Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) with two international life sciences companies to accelerate magnetic beads commercialisation.

Under the second MTA with one of the top IVD companies, CardioGenics will furnish them with its silver-coated and polymer encapsulated magnetic beads for subsequent testing and evaluation in their various test products.

CardioGenics’ proprietary silver-coating technology enhances the signaling properties of magnetic beads, resulting in an increased sensitivity of immunoassay analyzers by up to seven fold.

This can allow for more sophisticated data collection from patient samples being analyzed for the presence and progression of a disease- with no change to existing hardware or instrumentation.

Upon completion of the testing process, CardioGenics and the distributors will evaluate the test results and determine whether to further pursue commercialization of the resulting products.