Bioo Scientific has launched T3 Conjugation Kit which allows scientists to deliver siRNA into targeted cell types. The company’s patent pending Kit can also be used for targeted in-vitro delivery of siRNA in primary cells or cell lines, which have mixed cell populations.

Bioo Scientific has built upon its RNAi delivery to create a technology that will offer customers the ability to effectively deliver siRNA or microRNA (miRNA) into any targeted cell or tissue type they are studying.

The company also added that the T3 technology functions by conjugating a T3 Carrier to an antibody that is specific to a receptor or other extracellular domain specific to the targeted cell or tissue type. The T3 Carrier-Antibody Conjugate can then be loaded with an RNAi agent such as siRNA or miRNA.

The RNAi agent loaded T3 Conjugate may then be administered systemically or locally to an animal (or cultured cells), where it binds to and is internalised by cells recognised by the antibody. Once inside the cell, the RNAi agent is designed for release from T3 allowing silencing of its intended target.

The company claims that this technology will propel the validation of in-vivo work, leading to a better understanding of cellular pathways, the identification of novel drug targets, and the ability to more efficiently deliver RNAi agents as drugs.

Masoud Toloue, senior scientist at Bioo Scientific, said: “siRNA/miRNA delivery remains the largest hurdle for in vivo research application and all efforts to make RNAi a real therapeutic modality. With the launch of our T3 Conjugation Kit, both scientists and clinicians will have access to an antibody based siRNA/miRNA delivery vehicle that allows the user to choose any antibody and siRNA/miRNA combination for their research.

“For the first time, T3’s targeting technology enables users to concentrate RNAi mediator on their tissue/organ or tumor of focus while limiting systemic toxicity and significantly reducing current dose requirements. As the first commercial siRNA targeted delivery vehicle to market, T3 will advance and revolutionise the entire siRNA delivery arena.”