Protexis Latex Hydrogel surgical gloves are powder-free, made from natural rubber latex, and include a coating which aids clinicians’ hands for a soft and comfortable fit and makes the surgical gloves glide on easily.

The gloves also feature a translucent yellow color which looks like a second layer of skin and offers contrast to a colored underglove when double-gloving.

The company is also shifting all of the existing powder-free brands including Ultrafree, Duraprene, Esteem and Protegrity to a single brand, under Protexis brand of powder-free surgical gloves.

The new brand offers a simple, straightforward naming architecture that clearly communicates the material from which the gloves are made as well as any key features.

The Protexis powder-free surgical glove portfolio includes a proprietary glove mold with an independent thumb design that provides more natural hand movement along with an interlocking, beaded cuff design that reduces roll-down.