The companies will showcase a wide array of solutions that offer superb imaging quality, workflow efficiency, and flexibility, including the new RadPRO DELINIA 200 Digital X-ray Acquisition Cart, which provides a cost-effective option to transition from CR to DR technology and is designed to help increase productivity by enabling the organization to share the capability among multiple areas of the facility.

"Our theme for this year’s RSNA is ‘Canon See Impossible’, which symbolizes the application of creativity to achieve something that was previously not recognized as achievable," said Tsuneo Imai, vice president and general manager, Healthcare Solutions Division, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A. and president, Virtual Imaging, Inc.

The RadPRO DELINIA 200 Digital X-ray Acquisition Cart provides a new way for an organization to employ Canon digital radiography technology and to share it among multiple rooms.

The RadPRO DELINIA 200 Digital X-ray Acquisition Cart comes equipped with a computer, access point, touch screen monitor, detector holder, and a choice of the Canon CXDI-701C, CXDI-801C, or CXDI-401C Wireless DR system.

In X-ray Auto Detection mode, the detector will detect X-rays at exposure and shift to image acquisition mode automatically, without the use of a typical X-ray generator interface. As a result, the Canon wireless detector can deliver high-quality imaging and help accelerate exams by providing results within seconds, using the installed X-ray generator in an existing radiography room or a mobile generator, without the need for cabling or special interfacing.

The new RadPRO OMNERA 400 Series of Digital Radiographic Systems has been designed to help healthcare professionals meet the challenges of demanding hospital imaging departments and help create an efficient workflow to increase patient throughput.

The RadPRO OMNERA 400A Auto-Positioning Digital Radiographic System incorporates fully automatic motorized positioning and features automatic stitching, a tube-mounted 10-inch touch screen, a vertical wallstand and a table with extended range of motion.

The highly versatile RadPRO D2-50RF Dynamic Digital RF Imaging System is a dual-purpose imaging solution that provides exceptional image quality for both fluoroscopy and static examinations.