DANA is a phone or tablet-based app on Android or iOS operating systems, which offers clinicians with objective measurements of reaction time to assess individual’s medical or psychological state.

AnthroTronix founder and CEO Corinna Lathan said: "We are pleased that DANA has sought and received FDA clearance, leading the way for this type of game-changing technology.

"In essence, measuring reaction time is like taking the temperature of the brain — like a ‘Brain Thermometer’ — and it is a vital part of the data that a health professional needs to evaluate their patient."

The computerized cognitive test battery will be used by health professional to assess factors that may affect measurement of reaction time such as concussion, dementia, post-traumatic stress, depression, stress, fatigue, prescription and non-prescription medications.

Initially, the US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery provided fund to develop DANA, while a Rapid Innovation Fund award by the US Army helped in evaluating the medical status of deployed military service members. It was tested in Afghanistan.