Director of Imaging at KGH, Karen Pearson further states: Without programs like this, and with the budget constraints hospitals face, there is a good chance we would not have been able to get our hands on this new technology and assess its implementation in our hospital.

Sentinelle’s Vanguard System for Siemen’s magnetic resonance (MR) units, allows a cancer clinic to use innovative MR imaging technology to do breast scans, and to simultaneously guide and do breast biopsies. This is a new approach to diagnose and manage breast cancer.

Sentinelle’s system gives us superior images from breast scans and, at the same time, we can do image-guided biopsies. This higher and value-added performance has allowed us to expand the capabilities of our breast cancer program to the benefit of our patients, states Dr. Eric Sauerbrei, Director of Breast Imaging at Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital.

As Sentinelle’s CEO Cameron Piron puts it: Sentinelle is gaining critical customer feedback from KGH that is invaluable to our company. KGH’s ongoing assessment of our technology will bolster our commercialization efforts, as well as help develop best practices for future breast imaging programs in and outside Ontario.

Our Health Technology Assessment and Implementation Program is proving to be a one-of-a-kind program that lowers barriers usually encountered when trying to implement a new technology in an Ontario hospital while providing companies with customer validations in a clinical setting that will help promote future product sales, locally and abroad, states Dr. Milner.