Bruker said that SampleXpress is the ideal solution for optimising throughput in standard NMR service laboratories as it is combined with a built-in barcode reader for automatic sample identification. In addition, efficiency and sample safety is maximised due to interchangeable, easy-to-fill cassette modules that can be loaded on the bench.

SampleXpress cassettes hold up to 60 standard-length NMR tubes from 100mm up to 190mm, and with variable diameters from 1.7mm to 10mm. A touch-panel offers direct and simple control for individual sample submission.

The system is compatible with all Bruker Avance NMR spectrometers and can be mounted on all shielded Bruker magnets up to 850MHz and most non-shielded Bruker magnets up to 600MHz. SampleXpress is controlled by IconNMR, Bruker’s NMR software for automation.

The barcode identification enables the use of Bruker’s laboratory information system SampleTrack for convenient sample tracking. The NMR productivity tools excel whenever large numbers of samples need to be measured, e.g. in multi-user or medium-throughput facilities.

The new product line also includes the SampleXpress Lite, an affordable entry-level system for NMR automation that operates without barcode reader and touch panel. The SampleXpress Lite incorporates a removable carousel that can hold up to 16 samples, and allows easy sample submission and convenient handling of experiments in batch mode.

Rudiger Bertermann of department of inorganic chemistry at the University of Wurzburg, Germany said: “We were impressed by the very fast and simple installation of the SampleXpress in our NMR lab. Besides the significantly increased efficiency with faster exchange times, and the user-friendly handling of the system, we have also benefitted from the highly improved protection of our samples.”