The device benefits patients suspected of experiencing cardiac arrhythmias.

Patients experiencing cardiac arrhythmias face an increased risk of personal injury from falls, motor vehicle accidents, stroke and possibly heart failure. MoMe is designed to increase early detection and diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias by providing physicians with the ability to access near real-time electrocardiographic data.

Monitoring can also uncover patients at higher risk of sudden cardiac death. Hospitalizations and life-threatening cardiac events decrease with early diagnosis and treatment.

With automated cloud-based analytics, patient data is immediately available to physicians without the need for costly third-party services. MoMe creates access to information that enables intervention to prevent negative outcomes. Medication compliance can be identified and managed, symptoms can be correlated with rhythms, and triggers of cardiac events can be found by analyzing the onset and resolution data of an event.

“MoMe is unique in providing near real-time full disclosure electrocardiographic monitoring,” said Dr. Colin Movsowitz, Electrophysiologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“It replicates a hospital telemetry monitoring center. MoMe allows clinical decisions to be made on data rather than assumptions. It sets a new standard in providing physicians easy access to ambulatory electrocardiographic data.”

Patients can easily be trained on how to use the one-button monitor. Once the patient is home, physicians can remotely switch the monitor between Holter, Event and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry — lessening the need for office visits and saving time and money for the patient. From enrollment to diagnosis, physicians have total control of the monitor.

Biotronik president Marlou Janssen said: “With MoMe we’ve extended our portfolio of cardiovascular solutions to support physicians in providing the best care possible as early as possible.

“MoMe provides access to critical data and workflow efficiencies that help physicians identify and prevent cardiac events. It is a critical step in providing comprehensive cardiac care.”

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Source: Company Press Release