The Cerament|G Bone Healing study is designed to evaluate the absorption and bone in-growth of Cerament|G in one-stage surgical revisions of bone infections. The prospective, controlled, cohort study will follow patients for 12 months post surgery.

CT verified Cerament|G absorption and new bone in-growth are the primary endpoints for the study, while the secondary and safety endpoints include bone healing, post-operative infections and serum levels of gentamicin.

CHUV septic unit head and principal clinical investigator for the Cerament|G Bone Healing study Dr Olivier Borens said that the aim of this study is to investigate the absorption and bone in-growth of Cerament|G in contaminated bone defects.

"We believe the use of Cerament|G will be of advantage for the patient when bone healing can be achieved with a one-stage procedure instead of a two-stage procedure, thus decreasing potential surgery-related complications," Dr Borens added.

Bonesupport claims that Cerament|G is the first injectable antibiotic eluting bone substitute indicated to promote and protect bone healing being jeopardized by infection.