Prior to introducing the solution to the consumer market, the start-up company tested GoMore for the past three years with professional athletes. bOMDIC will be showcasing version 1.1 at Tech West at the Sand Expo.

The company will be launching the solution via a Kickstarter campaign that begins in January and will be taking pre-orders at the show.

GoMore is breaking new ground in the wearable fitness sensor market by helping athletes understand in real time how much stamina is being consumed during a workout, when their bodies are fatiguing, and when to change the intensity of their workout for optimal performance. The solution is built on a patented algorithm that measures the athlete’s heart rate by calculating 64,000 data points per second.

The sensor, which is connected to a chest strap, detects the athlete’s decreasing stamina when their pace slows down which may be caused by having to breathe harder which in turn may lead to muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up.

The solution currently measures stamina for aerobic sports. The company’s target market is the professional-level athlete and individuals who are training for events that require them to track their workout goals. GoMore is powered by three features: FATIGUE ALERT, POTENTIAL PROJECTOR, and STAMINA ANALYSIS.

"GoMore empowers athletes to truly ‘go more’ by training smarter," explains HsinFu Kuo, CEO of bOMDIC. "Our App notifies athletes when they need to slow down due to fatigue while also helping them know how much more they can perform with their unused stamina."

The GoMore stamina sensor and App has a scheduled release date of April 15, 2015. It operates on iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone 4S and above and the 3rd generation iPad. The sensor has an IPX6 water resistant rating and operates in wet weather conditions.