The new ECG patch platform Biopatch offers wireless communication, facilitating real-time monitoring for patients with certain cardiac issues


Image: Biotricity develops Biopatch platform for cardiac diseases. Photo: Courtesy of Biotricity.

US-based medical technology company Biotricity has completed the development of its new ECG patch platform, Biopatch, which is intended for patients with less complicated cardiac conditions.

Biotricity has developed its new patch platform as an extension to its Bioflux device, in a compact structure with three standard electrodes and no lead wires.

The company said that its Bioflux device offers diagnostics for ambulatory patients and those at high risk ofr adverse heart effects.

Biotricity founder and CEO Waqaas Al-Siddiq said: “With development of the patch completed, we’ve achieved the most significant milestone in bringing our product to the market. We took special care to develop our patch platform to ensure that our solution overcomes all of the limitations that other ECG patches in the market currently have.

“It’s with great pride that I can affirm that we have done exactly that. Biopatch will allow us to widen our commercial reach, offering patients a more convenient monitoring solution without compromising diagnostic quality.”

Biopatch currently under internal clinical testing

The company said that its new Biopatch platform is designed to offer wireless communication to facilitate real-time monitoring of patients.

In addition, it offers advanced conduction and flexibility for all skin types, and addresses diagnostic and report turn-around issues faced in current patches, due to automated wireless uploading.

Biotricity said that its Biopatch is a compacted application of the Bioflux technology, and offers similar diagnostics to patients.

Furthermore, it is claimed to provide patients with a more convenient, effortless monitoring and superior user compliance.

The company intends to submit the Biopatch, which is currently under internal clinical testing, to the US FDA for a 510(k) approval, once the testing is completed.

According to a study in JAMA, continuous ECG monitoring patches have been found to increasingly help in the detection of atrial fibrillation (AF).

The company claimed that its Biopatch will enable patients with AF and other cardiac issues to receive early diagnosis and care from physicians.