Three distinct wavelengths of light energy modulated with proprietary algorithms will be used by the Celluma ELITE to treat different skin, muscle and joint conditions.

The patented flexible design of the device allows in optimal light absorption, which leads to improved efficacy and more predictable outcomes.

The company has selected Sodrec Medical Solutions to increase the sales of the LED therapy device in the US market.

BioPhotas sales and marketing vice-president Gary Croft said the medical professional needs a multi-function LED device and the ELITE meets this need.

"With Sodrec Medical Solutions focusing primarily on the Dermatology and Plastic Surgery markets, having them as a partner to commercialize this product is a significant step forward for BioPhotas," Croft added.

Sodrec Medical Solutions CEO Lyle Martin said: "We are pleased to be working with BioPhotas, and specifically with the Celluma ELITE. LED therapy can be utilized as an adjunct to many aesthetic procedures as well as being a valuable stand-alone treatment."