The innovative design of Avance provides for an easy-to-use, percutaneous pedicle screw system that addresses single, complex and multi-level spinal pathologies with minimal tissue disruption and trauma. The Avance system will be in limited market release through the end of third quarter of 2014 and is planned for full launch in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Baxano Surgical president and CEO Ken Reali said that the first clinical use of the Avance pedicle screw system represents a major milestone in the evolution of the company.

Spine surgeon Dr Sameer Mathur said that the Avance system provides a step forward with a true MIS approach to spinal fixation by minimizing tissue trauma and eliminating additional rod insertion incisions.

"The system’s low-profile design, combined with Avance’s intraoperative flexibility and range of options to meet surgeon preferences makes for a durable, versatile, easy-to-use solution," Dr Mathur added.