Incorporating the SSS shoulder device with BioMech Lab will provide automated functional mobility data collecting and analysis ability to measure the therapy success


BioMech and ēlizur partner to integrate BioMech Lab into the Shoulder Strengthening and Stabilization System. (Credit: PR Newswire/ BioMech Holdings, LLC)

BioMech Health has partnered with musculoskeletal solutions provider ēlizur to integrate BioMech Lab into the Shoulder Strengthening and Stabilization System (SSS).

The deal will combine two mechanical and digital solutions to develop an in-home device that can measure therapeutic outcomes while boosting patient adherence to and engagement with doctor-directed physical therapy procedures.

BioMech founder Frank Fornari said: “Coupling the SSS advanced mechanical technology and BioMech Lab’s cutting-edge motion analytics is the perfect union to deliver enhanced therapeutic decision support for improved patient compliance with prescribed physical therapy protocols.

“It also provides the quantifiable outcomes needed to confirm the reliability of the SSS device.”

With the help of BioMech Lab’s real-time functional motion measurements, clinicians can quickly assess, plan, and monitor physical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and cognitive therapies.

BioMech Lab captures motion data in clinical and real-world settings and provides precise, accurate, and reproducible assessments and treatment modifications that stratify risk and improve care outcomes.

It uses the latest sensor technology, potent artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, and interactive biofeedback.

ēlizur president Jim Grant said: “SSS has helped more than 4,000 patients accelerate rehabilitation from injury or surgery while reducing the number of required outpatient sessions.

“Adding BioMech Lab’s powerful analytics and biofeedback capabilities creates an even more robust system that can now deliver the actionable information needed to maximize outcomes while lowering costs.”

SSS is intended for use in early-stage in-home rehabilitation in the gap between discharge and outpatient therapy.

The system provides a practical, affordable substitute for patients who do not have easy access to outpatient rehabilitation facilities as a complement to outpatient rehabilitation.

Depending on the patient’s unique needs, ēlizur virtual clinical specialists assist the patient with the setup and proper usage of the SSS device in accordance with the prescribed therapy protocol by the doctor.