Koninklijke Philips Electronics acquired Discus Dental last year.

In the patent infringement case, Discus Dental claimed that BIOLASE’s iLase personal laser infringed the design patent and trade dress rights of its own dental lasers.

As part of the settlement, Philips will receive a nominal payment, most of which will be paid by BIOLASE’s insurance carrier, and BIOLASE will be able to sell the iLase throughout the world.

Unlike typical portable lasers that require a foot pedal and cords, iLase is self-contained in a single, integrated handpiece.

The iLase features ‘standby’ and ‘ready mode’ functions that guard against unintentional delivery of laser energy.

Designed to perform a set of 24 soft-tissue and hygiene procedures, it delivers 5 Watts of peak laser power, and up to 3 Watts of continuous laser power.