The digital x-ray imaging systems offer enhanced quality and deliver images to physicians for review in as little as five seconds.

The system allows for rapid diagnosis and treatment and its design also minimizes the need for critically ill patient movement.

The mobile retrofit kits will upgrade existing CR-based mobile x-ray systems to DR technology that provides immediate image access for on-site physicians and wireless image transmission to the hospital’s PACS.

The DRX-Evolution suite has a motorized wall stand with extensive range of motion and a fixed, elevating table to enhance patient care in trauma and general radiology areas.

The cassette-size, wireless DRX detectors can be removed from the bucky to provide greater positioning flexibility.

The Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit allows healthcare providers to upgrade selected GE, Siemens and Shimadzu mobile x-ray systems to cassette-size wireless DR technology that can deliver immediate access to images so physicians can make diagnosis and treatment decisions while at the patient’s bedside.