ACIST Medical Systems, a Bracco Group company, pioneer and global market leader of advanced imaging modalities for cardiology, showcased the first-ever HDi High-Definition Intravascular Ultrasound System in two live cases at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics meeting in Washington, D.C.

The cases were presented from Medstar Washington Hospital Center (Washington, D.C.) and New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center (New York, NY). The HDi features an intuitive touch screen with 60MHz image quality, high-speed pullback, a deliverable Kodama HD-IVUS catheter and the ACIST HDi console. HD-IVUS is a reinvention of intravascular imaging.

The ACIST Medical Systems portfolio has recently expanded beyond the CVi contrast delivery system, to include Rapid Exchange FFR (RXi) and High-Definition IVUS (HDi) technologies. Through these products, ACIST is demonstrating its commitment to bringing unique and innovative technologies that simplify cardiovascular procedures and empower clinicians to treat patients with superior care.
"Improving patient outcomes by offering cardiologists innovative and improved tools is critical to our business," said Tom Morizio, President and COO, ACIST Medical Systems. "Our new HD-IVUS is a highly anticipated technology that offers improvements in an area that has lacked innovation for many years. Physicians tell us they appreciate that ACIST is raising the bar for IVUS performance."

The ACIST HDi IVUS system is easier to use and offers detailed insight that physicians can use to optimize treatment choice for their patients. The HDi provides improved image quality over traditional IVUS systems. During one of the live broadcasts from Columbia Medical Center, world-renowned imaging expert Dr. Akiko Maehara noted, "The ability to visualize plaque morphologies and intravascular structures in high definition is a welcome advancement in imaging."

Additionally, the simple, intuitive touch-screen display features 60MHz image quality, which enables easier identification and interpretation of intravascular structures and disease. The Kodama HD-IVUS catheter is deliverable and offers high-speed pullback that is 20 times faster than currently available IVUS systems — lowering the risk of catheter-induced ischemia by reducing pullback time from minutes to seconds.

"We believe it’s our job to provide ongoing innovations for coronary cath labs that improve accuracy, speed, efficiency and delivery," said Dr. Robert Wilson, founder of ACIST Medical Systems. "To continually and dramatically improve technology that improves interventional cardiovascular medicine is our greatest commitment."