The BD LSRFortessa system is the new addition to the proven line of BD LSR cell analysers. The original BD LSR II system supports up to seven lasers and has been the preferred tool of life science researchers worldwide working in core, academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories.

The BD LSRFortessa system offers power and flexibility in a benchtop footprint that is smaller than the BD LSR II cell analyser. It is the only compact cell analyser that supports up to five lasers.

Researchers can choose from 30 positions for detectors and 11 laser wavelengths and multiple power options to detect up to 18 colours simultaneously. Working with the company’s flow cytometry experts, laboratories can configure a system that meets their precise research assay requirements, said the company.

Carolyn James, business director of UK and Ireland at BD Biosciences, said: “Our special order research products programme combines the knowledge gained from decades of working closely with leading researchers and excelling in manufacturing. It allows us to work closely with customers to configure a BD LSRFortessa system that meets their exact specifications.”

“Space is at a premium in most research settings, leading many labs to compromise system power and performance because of space limitations. The new BD LSRFortessa system eliminates the need for that sacrifice by addressing researchers’ growing analytical needs and helping to maximise lab space utilisation at the same time.”