Baxter International, a global innovator in renal care, announced the launch of the Sharesource 2.0 clinical portal to give healthcare providers greater insights to their patients’ home peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatments, while offering improved clinic workflow.


Image: Baxter launches Sharesource 2.0 clinical portal to give healthcare providers greater insights to their patients’ home peritoneal dialysis treatments. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

Healthcare providers will now receive more comprehensive patient treatment summaries from the remote patient management platform, including trending ultrafiltration data, so they can make better informed and more timely treatment decisions.

Sharesource, the most widely adopted telehealth platform globally for home dialysis, has helped manage more than 7 million PD treatments in more than 40 countries. Supporting its broad adoption, there is growing evidence the remote patient management technology assists healthcare providers with early detection and intervention of catheter issues1,2,3,4, peritonitis5, and adherence-related6,7,8 complications, which can lead to reduced hospitalizations9.

“While the global patient population requiring dialysis is growing, the number of clinicians and their resources are not increasing,” says Laura Angelini, general manager, Baxter’s Renal Care business. “For this reason, we are committed to transforming renal care through meaningful innovations like Sharesource that support better care options for both clinicians and patients.”

Sharesource 2.0 features a new clinical dashboard that provides:

A more comprehensive patient treatment summary to enable faster clinical insights

Trending total ultrafiltration data to help make informed decisions about treatment effectiveness

Improved workflow to triage and review patient dashboards faster

In a recent independent, observational study, “Longitudinal Experience with Remote Monitoring for Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Patients,” in Nephron Clinical Practice, 2019, researchers described how the PD center at San Bortolo Hospital (Vicenza, Italy) altered its clinical practice following the implementation of remote patient management with Sharesource.

The study observed 43 patients using Baxter’s HomeChoice Claria with Sharesource over a one-year period, compared to a historical control (42 patients on automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) without Sharesource). They found prescription changes for patients managed with Sharesource nearly doubled, while night alarms and in-person visits were significantly reduced.

Further findings indicated remote patient management supports significant time savings—approximately 105 hours per year—for the physicians and nurses collectively at the San Bortolo Hospital. This suggests remote patient management can achieve time and cost savings for providers and patients by allowing for a more personalized therapy regime and early detection and resolution of technical problems.

The Sharesource 2.0 update is live on Baxter’s Amia and HomeChoice Claria APD systems across Europe, Canada, Latin America and the United States, and will be live later this year across Asia where Kaguya and HomeChoice Claria are available.

Source: Company Press Release