"Pathline Emerge takes a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate specific types of cancer to support personalized medicine.

“Our full-service pathology laboratory was one of the first to obtain New York State approval for clinical NGS testing. As the demand for NGS testing and personalized medicine continues to grow and more information becomes available, better solutions are needed to quickly and thoroughly analyze the burgeoning amounts of data," said Michael Lorenzo, VP of Operations at Pathline Emerge.

"With this in mind, Pathline Emerge partnered with GenomOncology for a software solution, which allows us to streamline our workflow and deliver robust clinical reports. The GO Clinical Workbench will allow Pathline Emerge to scale efficiently while also maintaining compliance."

The GO Clinical Workbench provides a configurable workflow for labs to manage relevant molecular testing results from NGS and other test modes, such as FISH, karyotyping, RT-PCR, IHC, etc. Specifically, labs can perform quality control analysis, evaluate all variants, manage confirmations, amendments, addendums, dynamically generate and sign-out a clinical report.

GenomOncology's GO Clinical Workbench for analysis and reporting is the flagship product within the GO Precision Medicine Portfolio™, a full suite of tools designed to help healthcare institutions implement, perform, and maximize the benefits of precision medicine.

The tools are installed behind the institution's firewall and are configured to each laboratory's specific needs.

"Today's Molecular Pathology lab faces many challenges. Our goal is to enable our Laboratory partners to create value. One key area of value creation is being able to provide Oncologists with reports that provide decision support over integrated data sets.

“Therapy decisions can change depending on cooccurring genomic aberrations and it's important for the oncologist to understand these potential changes. For example, combining gene fusion data, with karyotype results, SNV's and Indels to provide an integrated interpretative report that proposes therapeutic options and suggests appropriate clinical trials," added Manuel Glynias, President and CEO of GenomOncology.

Pathline Emerge provides Innovative Pathology Services across a multitude of specialties with our team of well- respected board certified pathologists. Our full service pathology laboratory provides both professional and technical support to hospitals, physicians and their practices.

We understand that every specimen we receive is of the utmost importance to a clinician and the care they provide to their patients. It is never another specimen to us but someone's friend or relative anxiously awaiting their results and it drives everything we do. It's personal for us.

The company has been providing pathology services for more than 40 years and is head quartered in Ramsey, NJ.