IROC Innocross was the first company to commercialize a cross-linking device for the treatment of keratoconus and other corneal pathologies.

To date, IROC Innocross has sold its UV-X devices to more than 1,000 ophthalmologists giving it the largest installed base of cross linking devices in the world.

With this acquisition, Avedro’s platform of cross-linking technology now spans the entire spectrum of corneal cross-linking procedures, from treating corneal pathology with our UV-X devices and MedioCROSS riboflavin-to enhancing LASIK outcomes with our KXL System and VibeX riboflavin-to developing non-invasive refractive procedures with our advanced KXL II System.

Our expanded portfolio of devices and riboflavin brands gives Avedro an unmatched product offering across the entire corneal cross-linking market worldwide.

David Muller, PhD, CEO of Avedro commented, "I am extremely pleased to have completed this important acquisition for Avedro. Under the direction of its founder, Prof. Michael Mrochen, IROC Innocross has firmly established the value of its UV-X devices. We look forward to immediately increasing our MedioCROSS riboflavin revenue through access to the established base of UV-X users and to further increasing device and riboflavin revenue by expanding sales of UV-X devices in all the markets we serve."

Avedro is a privately held medical device and pharmaceutical company advancing the science and technology of corneal cross-linking and refractive correction. Avedro’s products include capital equipment and related single dose pharmaceuticals.

Avedro distributes its products in 62 countries through 33 ophthalmic distributors with 115 sales and service representatives.

Avedro products that have received CE Mark include: the KXL System for performing Lasik Xtra and accelerated cross-linking, the KXL II System for performing PiXL , and the Avedro family of proprietary single dose pharmaceutical formulations. Avedro’s KXL System and single dose pharmaceutical products are currently being used in three Phase III US clinical trials involving over 100 US clinical sites. Avedro products are not for sale in the US.