US-based HD Medical has announced the launch of its ViScope MD visual stethoscope with murmur detection indicator at MEDICA, 20 November through 23 November 2013, in Germany.

ViScope MD features an integrated visual display which allows medical professionals perform dynamic auscultation and ‘see’ the heartbeats they hear in real-time visual waveforms.

The visual stethoscope is capable of saving heart sound waveforms and these waveforms can be transferred to a computer for patient records and analysis with the caliper and zoom functions in the bundled software.

ViScope MD includes a tunable filter, which provides the ability to select specific parts of the heart sound to listen to, such as S1/S2, S3/S4, murmurs, and so on.

HD Medical founder and chief inventor Arvind Thiagarajan noted the company’s visual stethoscopes are uniquely capable of addressing today’s evidence based medical environment.

"ViScope and ViScope MD are the industry’s first stethoscopes that enable documentation of heart data which can be used for patient reporting and analysis as well as information sharing or for use in teaching situations," Thiagarajan added.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 510 (K) clearance for HD Medical’s ViScope without murmur detection.

ViScope without murmur detection is currently undergoing certification for CE compliance.