The COOLIEF system features a newly designed RF generator, peristaltic pump and therapy cables, to facilitate all kinds of procedures


Avanos secures FDA approval for new 80W COOLIEF RF System. (Credit: Pixabay/Raman Oza)

US-based medical technology company Avanos Medical has obtained the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) marketing approval for the new, 80Watt COOLIEF Radiofrequency (RF) system, to perform neurological lesion procedures.

The COOLIEF system features a newly designed RF generator, peristaltic pump and therapy cables, to enable physicians perform all kinds of procedures including cooled, standard, pulsed, TransDiscal and dual Bipolar RF.

Avanos chief executive officer Joe Woody said: “For over a decade, Avanos has been committed to driving innovation and investing in clinical evidence in RF technology.

“The addition of our new, advanced COOLIEF RF generator demonstrates this continued commitment to introduce innovation to the marketplace as the Cooled RF authority and to provide relevant solutions that help patients effectively manage pain without the risk of addiction, so they can get back to things that matter.”

COOLIEF RF system uses water-cooled technology

Cooled RF is a non-opioid, minimally invasive outpatient pain management procedure that uses cooled radiofrequency energy to safely treat chronic pain by targeting the sensory nerves causing pain.

The company said that the system features an intuitive touchscreen interface, and independent channel control, and allows physicians to start, stop and adjust on 4 probes individually.

Its COOLIEF RF system uses water-cooled technology to allow more RF energy to deactivate pain-transmitting sensory nerves safely, creating a larger, spherical lesion, allowing physicians to approach the target nerve from any angle.

In addition, system has demonstrated improved patient outcomes, providing up to 24 months of pain relief, improved physical functionality, and reduced drug utilisation.

Ochsner Health pain medicine system chair Maged Guirguis said: “Avanos’ new Cooled RF system is intuitive and easy to use.

“The Cooled RF technology has not only helped our patients achieve significant relief from osteoarthritis pain, but it has also improved their function, thus providing a better quality of life.”