Asensus Surgical, Inc., a medical device company that is digitizing the interface between the surgeon and patient, announced the sale of a Senhance® Surgical System that will be placed in Louis Turcanu Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children in Timisoara, Romania.

“We are pleased that yet another Senhance Surgical System will be used for pediatric procedures, and very excited that such a respected and innovative hospital in Europe will be utilizing the system,” commented Anthony Fernando, President and CEO of Asensus Surgical. “This underscores our joint commitment to innovation and patient-centred care. The Senhance Surgical System, with its specialized 3mm and 5mm instruments, is tailored for the delicate nature of pediatric procedures. Together, our aim is to enhance outcomes and the well-being of children.”

“Integrating the Senhance Surgical System into our Department of Pediatrics is a significant step forward in enhancing our pediatric surgical capabilities,” said Prof. Dr. Calin Popoiu, Department of Pediatrics at Louis Turcanu Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children. “Looking ahead, we are eager to explore new possibilities together, continually striving to improve our surgical technology for the betterment of patient care.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Asensus Surgical and incorporate the Senhance Surgical System into our clinical practice,” said Associate Professor Dr. Radu Iacob, Department of Pediatric Surgery at Louis Turcanu Clinical Emergency Hospital. “The advanced robotic-assisted technology of the Senhance System has the potential to enhance surgical outcomes for our young patients, and we look forward to further advancing the field of pediatric and adolescent surgery with this cutting-edge platform.”

Source: Company Press Release