Ascom Wireless Solutions offers on-site wireless communications for hospitals, manufacturing industries, retail and hotels.

The solutions, which are based on VoWiFi, IP-DECT, Nurse Call and paging technologies, are integrated into existing enterprise systems.

The Ascom Care Phones include a wireless pendant (Class I approved) that can be worn around the neck/on the body and a base unit.

The patented dual-frequency function of the pendent guarantees that alarm signals are received.

If the alarm is sent and not received successfully, the wireless transmitter will send it again using another frequency until it is received.

The care phones are in contact with a central receiver via an analogue and/or GSM network.

Incoming alarms can be sent via the alarm receiver to mobile phones, DECT/Wifi-phones or to a PC with an operator.

Ascom Wireless Solutions International Marketing and Product Management VP Peter Härdi said the new line of Ascom Home Care Services gives home bound individuals a direct link to professional care or emergency help much in the same way their patient monitoring/critical alarm solutions directly link medical staff with critical patients in need of immediate assistance.