Through this agreement, BioServe, a provider of CLIA-certified genetic testing services, will provide NGC Medical with a full complement of CLIA-certified personalized genomics services, including DNA extraction, QC DNA and control DNA for NutriGenCode validation. BioServe expects to process 10,000 NutriGeneCode tests within the next year.

NGC Medical said that NutriGeneCode tests are a key component of its personal genetic health program, which provides personalized nutraceutical recommendations based on a person’s genetic profile.

Paolo Cremascoli, president and CEO of NGC Medical, said: “Our NutriGeneCode tests are already playing an important role in helping people make informed decisions about their health. As NGC continues to grow the NutriGeneCode brand in Italy and beyond, we require a partner with the genomics expertise and robust processes in place to help guarantee the quality of our tests and their results.

“After rigorous assessment of providers of genomic services across Europe and the US, we are convinced BioServe is the right partner to support the growth of our NutriGeneCode brand.”

Rama Modali, president of BioServe, said: “This is an exciting time in the science of genetics as it relates to healthy aging and personalized medicine. Understanding the relationship between genetics and health is in line with healthcare’s shift to personalized diagnostics and preventive healthcare. We are excited to work with NGC, which will help spearhead BioServe’s growth to a global position of leadership in the field of genetic testing.”