The eBroselow launched its newest clinical tool to help medical transport crews and emergency department staff to safely administer medication in acute situations, including in the air or on the ground.

Called SafeDose Scan, the handheld device challenges the status quo by proving that it's possible to prevent acute medication preparation and administration errors.

A hospital patient can expect on average to experience more than one medication error each day, and 38 percent of serious errors are made during medication administration. These errors can be prevented with instant access to clinical information at the point of care.

"In an emergency, healthcare professionals are hurtling toward hope and making split-second decisions that have sweeping consequences," said Dr. James Broselow, co-founder of eBroselow and inventor of the Browselow Pediatric Emergency Tape and Broselow ColorCode Carts.

"They deserve better tools to accurately dose and administer medication, without having to go home wondering if they've made a mistake." 

eBroselow's SafeDose Scan™ transforms the National Drug Code (NDC) barcode into instant critical knowledge for accurately dosing, preparing, and administering medication to pediatric and adult patients.

It eliminates calculation errors, and is designed to be a daily-use safety net. It also can be used during drug shortages or for offline backup during disasters and power or internet failures.

eBroselow developed SafeDose Scan™ in collaboration with Honeywell, a technology manufacturing company. eBroselow's medication safety software was integrated with Honeywell scanning devices, creating the new tool.

SafeDose Scan  joins eBroselow's suite of products that close the gap between existing systems and error-free medication administration. Its technology is used by the largest non-profit and for-profit hospital systems in the U.S.  

According to a 2014 study from the University of Kentucky, medical practitioners using the eBroselow system completely eliminated clinically significant errors and increased the accuracy of prepared medications by about 25 percent. Also, they prepared medications about eight minutes faster than practitioners using standard dosing references.

eBroselow, headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia, is dedicated to developing a simple, safe, and effective international standard for acute drug administration.