Kerraglove is a specially designed device, developed and patented by Ark, for the treatment of hand burns in the hospital or primary care setting. Development of the product involved the testing of ‘semi-breathable’ polyurethane films to ensure a confined, but optimally moist, environment is maintained within the glove. Such an environment promotes healing of the burn with reduced risk of maceration due to the wound becoming too wet.

Kerraglove was developed and CE marked in Europe as a Class IIb device. In a UK clinical trial of 45 patients undertaken during its development, Kerraglove was found to cause less pain in use and be more acceptable to both patients and nurses than conventional polybag standard care. Kerraglove can be used alone as a plain dressing or in conjunction with therapeutic agents given to promote healing or control infection. The recommended dressing change time is twice a day initially and daily when exudate levels have subsided.

Commenting on the launch Cecile Miles, Commercial Director at Ark commented, We are pleased to introduce Kerraglove as it complements the range of existing woundcare products we already market in the UK. Kerraglove is a very simple product to use and its design with gas permeable film is an advantage over existing barrier approaches. Its promotion fits in well with the activities our sales team currently undertake.

Dr Nigel Parker, Chief Executive at Ark added, This is another logical and simple to use product which Ark’s Woundcare Division has successfully developed from concept to market. Sales of our existing woundcare products continue to maintain the 2008 reported growth trends and we hope this latest addition will successfully contribute to sustaining that growth.