Covalon Technologies Ltd. (Covalon), a Canada-based medical biosystems company, has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Amsino International Inc. (Amsino International), a business unit of Amsino Medical Group. As per the agreement, both the companies will jointly pursue business development opportunities with customers in the medical device market utilizing Covalon’s technologies.

Both the companies have entered into a manufacturing agreement for the production of Covalon’s medical products, as appropriate, at Amsino’s facilities.

William Jackson, Covalon chief business officer and co-founder stated, “This agreement is significant for both companies. It allows Covalon access to Amsino’s large base of manufacturing customers which include a number of the world’s major medical device companies. At the same time it allows Amsino to offer Covalon’s new value-added technologies to many of its customers”.

Dr. Richard Lee, chairman and CEO of Amsino Medical Group said, “We are pleased to embark on this strategic alliance with Covalon. There are numerous co-marketing and manufacturing opportunities that we are now in a position to jointly pursue and develop.”

Dr. Frank DiCosmo, President , CEO and co-Founder of Covalon said, “We have visited with Amsino both in the United States and at their vast and impressive, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities near Shanghai in China. The synergy and chemistry between our two organizations is excellent.”