ABI measurements are used to predict the severity of peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

The Dopplex Ability is a one-button push medical device that allows clinicians to perform a quick three minute test with similar accuracy as the classical method. Recent research has shown that Dopplex Ability has good agreement between unrested Dopplex Ability and the traditional rested Doppler measurements even with diabetic patients who can be difficult to measure.

These results are accomplished through the use of a new, unique two chamber cuff system using duo sense pneumatic technology to measure systolic pressures using volume plethysmography.

One chamber is used to occlude the vessel, while the second distal chamber is used to sense the returning signals, allowing four limbs to be measured simultaneously.

ArjoHuntleigh marketing vice president Brian Straeb noted the company is extremely excited to continue our history of innovation in the area of ABI vascular assessments.

"The Dopplex Ability will help caregivers reduce the amount of time they need to conduct ABI testing enabling them to spend significantly more time providing patient care," Straeb added.