Sonata's innovative and intuitive design is also the quietest in the company's product collection. These features will revolutionize the breast milk pumping experience.

"We knew we wanted to create something different, a game changer that would simplify and help moms give their baby breast milk," said Deanna Gilbert, director of user centered design for Medela and first-time mom. 

"When we set out to create Sonata, we spent time listening to countless moms and families to develop a better pumping experience. We want to give moms the best. I'm proud of how we were able to capture their desires and needs into the product, and as a woman and a mom, I'm honored to be a part of it."

Medela's research insights revealed that a pumping mom may face a number of obstacles during her breastfeeding journey – from the impact of product performance on her milk output, to the noise of her breast pump motor, to getting access to help. Sonata addresses all aspects of moms' pumping journey and showcases Medela's ongoing commitment to research and innovation:

Sonata redefines Smart. With Smart Solution, Sonata connects to a comprehensive, award winning, one-of-a kind digital breastfeeding support app, MyMedela to track baby's activities and get unlimited access to clinically-proven support and expert tips.

“Featuring the exclusive, clinically developed Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment, the app helps mom understand her strengths and focus on meeting her goals. Through MyMedela, mom receives encouragement based on her goals, as well as real-time notifications directly to her smart phone, reminding her to charge her breast pump or complete her recent pump sessions. Timers and alerts also help mom stay on track.

Sonata is Quiet.  Medela's engineers, who are also parents, recognize the value of quiet, especially when it might mean waking a sleeping baby or disrupting a conference call. Sonata is Medela's quietest breast pump yet, for discretion wherever mom may be, including late night pumping sessions.

Sonata is Performance. Research has shown that most moms don't breastfeed as long as they intend and most worry about their supply. Establishing a strong breast milk supply early is important to meeting breastfeeding goals.

 Sonata features hospital-level performance inspired by Symphony®, Medela's multiuser breast pump, in a portable, two-pound personal-use breast pump to help more moms make that transition to home.

"With all of our products, we draw inspiration from moms to build on our 50-year-long commitment to supporting their breastfeeding journey. With Sonata we pushed further, considering pumping and how it fits into her day-to-day life, to produce what we believe is transformative technology," said Melissa Gonzales, managing director of Medela USA.

Sonata will be available January 2017 in the United States for $399.00 from Medela's online store, through retail partners, and in select stores across the country.

Founded in 1961, Medela is led by Michael Larsson and concentrates on two business units: "Human Milk," providing research-based breast milk feeding solutions, and "Healthcare," engineering and manufacturing medical vacuum technology solutions.