Dilon Diagnostics, a brand of Dilon Technologies, has entered into a sales alliance with PenRad to provide breast imaging tools, and an information management system that improves patient care, mammography workflow and imaging center economics.

Dilon offers compact gamma cameras that support breast-specific gamma imaging/molecular breast imaging (BSGI/MBI) studies.

BSGI/MBI is particularly useful for patients with equivocal mammograms, dense breast tissue and for help with determining the extent of disease.

With this alliance, Dilon plans to expand its portfolio in women’s imaging to include the PenRad Mammography Information System (MIS) and Volpara, a quantitative breast density assessment tool that converts the qualitative breast x-ray image into quantitative data.

Volpara is designed to assist radiologists by objectively and automatically assessing a woman’s breast density, and facilitates breast centers’ compliance with new legislation and notification guidelines.

PenRad automatically integrates the information from Volpara and BSGI/MBI into the routine MIS workflow.