Animas Vibe is an insulin pump with integrated continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), featuring the Dexcom G4 sensor, the latest sensor technology from Dexcom.

The launch of Animas Vibe marks the first time this advanced CGM sensor technology from Dexcom is available as an integrated system with a pump to Canadians. Continuous glucose monitoring with Animas Vibe is indicated for adult ages 18 years and older only.

In celebration of the Animas Vibe launch, Animas Canada is supporting Outrun Diabetes, a project spearheaded by world renowned Canadian athlete and adventurer Sebastien Sasseville who has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 2002.

Expanding the global presence of Animas Vibe has been a top priority for Animas, and today marks its introduction to North America. Animas Vibe is also currently available in Europe , Australia , and New Zealand.

Animas chief medical officer Dr Brian Levy noted clinical studies have shown that patients who use CGM experience significant improvement in blood glucose control.

"The launch of Animas Vibe in Canada provides a new option for patients looking for an insulin delivery system with CGM capabilities," Dr Levy added.