Medical device manufacturer SurGenTec has completed the initial clinical launch of its new GraftGun bone graft delivery system combined with ViBone viable bone matrix prefilled tubes.


Image: SurGenTec has announced clinical launch of GraftGun system prefilled with ViBone. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

This early evaluation of the combined products was focused in the Minimally Invasive Spine (MIS) surgery field.

Earlier this year, SurGenTec and Aziyo Biologics joined forces to bring the first preloaded MIS viable bone matrix cartridges to market for use in orthopedic and spine surgery. SurGenTec is the manufacturer of the GraftGun bone graft delivery system while Aziyo is the manufacturer of ViBone, a next generation viable bone graft.

SurGenTec CEO Travis Greenhalgh said: “The primary goal of our partnership with Aziyo is to provide surgeons with a high quality viable bone matrix product with shorter thaw times and no mix requirements while also eliminating the need for a cumbersome funnel-based fill process.

“We are thrilled with the feedback from the initial clinical experience of surgeons and operating room staff which has been overwhelmingly positive. Our goal is to now expand promotion and usage of the combined products into more regions within the U.S.”

Kris Parchuri, DO of spine and orthopedic Specialists in Tulsa, Oklahoma said, “I have been able to decrease OR time and deliver a quality bone graft for my patients. This combination makes it easy for the operating room staff and provides more control with less wasted bone graft.”

Shawn Hermenau, MD of the Desert Spine Institute in Yuma, Arizona stated, “The GraftGun MIS system with ViBone allows me to access collapsed disc spaces and confidently deliver the quantity of bone graft to actually fill the entire disc space. The prefilled ViBone cartridges definitely add to efficiency in the OR.”

The GraftGun MIS system prefilled with ViBone has now been used in a variety of procedures including spinal fusions, tibial plateau fractures, total joint revisions and Charcot joint procedures.

Prefilled ViBone MIS cartridges are simply thawed for two minutes and then connected to the GraftGun for ease of use.

Once ViBone is opened in the operating room, it is delivered directly to the surgical site with precision and control. This innovative approach helps reduce the risk of surgical site contamination. The surgeon may also choose a variety of tip options to access tight spaces.

GraftGun is part of SurGenTec’s Graft Delivery System (GDS). It is designed to allow for quick and accurate bone graft delivery to a surgical site without the problems of a traditional funnel. Its patented, controlled release method is designed to safely dispense bone graft with enough pressure to easily fill any bone void during surgery.

ViBone is a next generation viable bone matrix that was designed to perform and handle more like high quality autograft. The proprietary manufacturing process was designed to optimally protect the tissue environment with less disruption.

ViBone is based on science that brings bone grafting closer to meeting the surgeon and patient’s needs and provides a better option for bone repair.

Source: Company Press Release