The Amnis new option AutoSampler is expected to enhance productivity by enabling unattended sample loading from a wide variety of 96 well plates.

The AutoSampler includes standard-height and tall wells with U, V and flat bottoms. The acquisition software incorporates easy-to-use templates that allow multiple experiments to be run within a single plate.

David Basiji, president and CEO of Amnis, said: “The AutoSampler option makes the ImageStreamX platform the ideal choice for high content analysis of suspended cells. Researchers can easily perform dose response and time course studies with the fully integrated AutoSampler option even in primary cell samples.”

William Ortyn, co-founder and chief operations officer at Amnis, said: “The AutoSampler option can be installed at the time of manufacture or easily retrofitted to systems already in the field.

“The release of this option includes enhancements to the Inspire system software to streamline workflow and simplify instrument operation. Combined, these enhancements facilitate the integration of the ImageStreamX into the workflow of our pharma and biotech customers.”

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amnis is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of instrumentation for high speed cell imaging for research and diagnostic markets.