Competitive Technologies (CTT) has launched its pain management medical device, Calmare Therapy Treatment, at the Rhode Island-based Calmar Pain Relief center. CTT and Calmar demonstrated and reviewed the benefits of this new, non-invasive pain management therapy.

John Nano, chairman, president and CEO of CTT, said: “Calmare Therapy Treatment is a non-invasive medical device for treating high intensity oncologic and neuropathic pain, including pain resistant to morphine, without the adverse and harmful side effects linked to narcotic painkillers.

“We are thrilled to showcase this success story to the media and to a Korean delegation that included company leaders from Geomc Co, our device manufacturer, as well as representatives from an institutional investment group. Everyone is impressed with Calmar’s state-of-the-art facilities in North Providence where, with four of our Calmare Therapy Treatment devices, as many as 30 patients can be treated each day.”

Stephen D’Amato, medical director of Calmar Pain Relief, said: “As a physician, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the continuing evolution of pain relief therapy and be able to relieve the suffering of patients, particularly within the context of my medical oath ‘Primum Non Nocere’ (first do no harm). Calmare is a non-addictive therapy, in sharp contrast to the host of pain killers on the market today.”

“We are quite pleased to be here due to the importance of the U.S. market for our overall commercial success,” said Seung Bum Oh, GEOMC’s Executive Vice President. “We are impressed with this business model and are fully committed to ensuring that our manufacturing capacity supports the growing worldwide order pattern.”

Developed in Italy by CTT’s client, Professor Giuseppe Marineo, this non-invasive medical device was brought to CTT through the efforts of the Zangani Investor Community and with the co-operation of Mr Guiseppe Belcastro, Legal Counsel for Professor Marineo. The device, with a biophysical rather than a biochemical approach, uses a multi-processor able to simultaneously treat multiple pain areas by applying surface electrodes to the skin.